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Electrode-specific condition estimation and prediction using discrete thermo-electrochemical models and experiments

Project description:

Lithium-ion batteries with graphite as the anode, layered oxide as the cathode and liquid electrolyte (conductive salt in organic solvent) are state of the art for portable, mobile and stationary applications today. Safe operation is only possible in a narrow and clearly limited working range of cell voltage and temperature. The aim of this research project is to develop spatially resolved thermo-electrochemical models and to carry out a corresponding experimental system identification. This serves the model-based and sensor-supported estimation of state within the cell (temperature, state of charge, electrode potentials). That kind of state estimation is individual for each component (anode, cathode and separator) and also allows prediction of the state (power prognosis, prognosis of the current carrying capacity) for a safe and long-lasting operation. In doing so, emphasis is placed on effective avoidance of (local) safety-critical and aging-accelerating conditions as well as better utilization of the permitted operating window for high-performance applications such as fast charging. The simulative basis for this is provided by a model that is discrete in terms of location and time, based on the approach of conductor path theory. The electrochemical model constructed in this way is easy to parameterize and can be simulated in real-time using efficient solution algorithms. Similarly, the thermal behavior of the cell is mapped using a comparable model that is discrete in terms of location and time. By choosing suitable boundary and coupling conditions, both models can be linked to one another and thus enable a real-time capable electrochemical-thermal simulation.

Project duration: 3 years

Principal investigators:

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Danzer, Chair of Electrical Energy Systems (EES), Faculty of Engineering
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Retsch Chair of Physical Chemistry I (PC I), Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

PhD students:

  • Christian Plank, M.Sc., Chair of Electrical Energy Systems (EES)
  • Flora Lebeda, M.Sc., Chair of Physical Chemistry I (PC I

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