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Bavarian Center for Battery Technology (BayBatt)

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Tandem Projects

Setup and analysis of polymer and oxide ceramic solid electrolytes for lithium batteries

In order to produce cells with high energy densities, a Li metal anode is required including a solid electrolyte or a separator. Solid-state electrolytes such as polymer or nanocomposite electrolytes as well as Li+-conducting ceramic oxide electrolytes were tested and evaluated in terms of their eligibility for solid state batteries. Two promising methodes for the fabrication of hybrid solid electrolytes are investigated. ... more

Electrode-specific state estimation and prediction using discrete thermo-electrochemical models and experiments

Lithium-ion batteries with graphite as the anode, layered oxide as the cathode and liquid electrolyte (conductive salt in organic solvent) are state of the art for portable, mobile and stationary applications today. Safe operation is only possible in a narrow and clearly limited working range of cell voltage and temperature. The aim of this research project is to develop spatially resolved thermo-electrochemical models and to carry out a corresponding experimental system identification in order to prevent critical states, which allows wider working ranges. ... more

Polyanionische Schichtverbindungen

Polyanionic layer compounds as new cathode materials

Mixed-conductive layered materials of the α-NaFeO2 type represent the state of the art in high-performance cathode materials. The layer structure allows, among other things, a high ion mobility with adaptive and flexible (de) intercalation. With the help of iron-based, pillared, polyanionic layer compounds, current problems with regard to the availability and / or toxicity of nickel and cobalt as well as the risk of thermal run-away are to be taken into account. ... more

3d transition metal oxides for use as electrode materials

The project is divided into two subject areas. On the one hand, nanostructured iron-molybdenum oxides are being investigated for use in electrodes of Li- / Na-ion batteries. In addition, new materials are investigated as catalysts in air batteries. Above all, abundant elements of the 3d transition metals will be used. The project is affiliated with the Roth-Papastavrou tandem. ... more


High-temperature stable polymer separator and solid polymer electrolyte for Li-ion battery

The next generation of battery separators based on polar high-temperature stable polymers with aromatic imide and imidazole units in combination with clays having inherent two-dimensional (2 D) diffusion slits for high lithium-ion conductivity are being studied.  ...more

Further Projects

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