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Bavarian Center for Battery Technology (BayBatt)

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Date News
10.04.2024 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fridolin Röder wins "Prize for Good Teaching 2023"
08.04.2024 Inauguration of BayBatt Cell Technology Center
18.03.2024 New method developed to improve electrocatalytic converters
07.03.2024 Consortium project BALU on Aluminium-Ion Batteries
18.01.2024 Bayreuth professor receives the Laudise Medal
15.01.2024 Bayreuth researchers are working on an affordable replacement for lithium-ion batteries
11.01.2024 Applications for the summer term 2024 are still open until January 15!
10.01.2024 Inaugural lecture - Professor Dr. Johannes Margraf
18.12.2023 Fast and energy-saving synthesis method for new electrocatalysts
14.12.2023 New BayBatt member: Prof. Dr. Johannes Margraf
11.12.2023 Open Position - Full Professor of Intelligent Energy Management
30.11.2023 New study "The decentralised energy system in 2030"
17.11.2023 BMW meets BayBatt
03.11.2023 Inaugural Lecture - Prof. André Gröschel
25.10.2023 Full Professor of Electrochemistry
17.10.2023 Start of the winter semester 2023/24
15.09.2023 Grüninger junior research group "NMR spectroscopy for batteries and energy materials" now joins the BayBatt
29.08.2023 New lithium battery with simple production and high safety developed
21.08.2023 Open PhD position for in-situ NMR spectroscopy for battery materials
11.07.2023 Applications for the winter term 2023/24 are still open until July 15!
01.07.2023 Full Professor of Polymer Materials for Electrochemical Storage
01.04.2023 Full Professor Electrode Design for Electrochemical Energy Systems
14.12.2022 New Book Chapters
02.12.2022 Opening with Prime Minister Söder
10.10.2022 Invitation to the orientation event "Battery Materials and Technology"
21.07.2022 Dr.-Ing. Bernd Rosemann and Gregor Ohnemüller at the 15th Science Day
28.06.2022 Prof. Dr. Matteo Bianchini joins the 21st IMLB
30.05.2022 Dr. Qingsong Wang at E-MRS Spring Meeting
30.05.2022 Prof. Dr. Matteo Bianchini joins the 241st ECS Meeting
27.05.2022 Webinar on "Battery Materials and Technology"
09.05.2022 Prof. Dr. Harald Oberhofer at MRS Spring Meeting
04.05.2022 Prof. Dr. Matteo Bianchini: Reception at Staatskanzlei Munich
03.05.2022 Prof. Dr. Matteo Bianchini: "Recent Advances Towards Practical near LiNiO 2 Cathode Materials" (ECS Student Chapter Münster)
02.05.2022 Full Professor of Electronics for Electrical Energy Storage
27.04.2022 Full Professor of Systems Engineering for Electrical Energy Storage
22.04.2022 Full Professor of Solid Mechanics for Electrical Energy Storage
19.04.2022 New address for Baybatt
15.04.2022 New Master's degree programmes - Apply now!
05.04.2022 BayBatt at the Initiative Innovationskunst
30.03.2022 Keylab
03.02.2022 PhD-position in battery technology
01.02.2022 Welcome on board!
13.01.2022 ERC Starting Grant for Prof. Dr. Matteo Bianchini
01.01.2022 Welcome on board!
20.12.2021 paper lithium plating
16.12.2021 Umbrella project „Forschungsfabrik Batterie“
28.09.2021 Hiring: Five Full Professors
15.09.2021 Full Professor for Theoretical Physics of Transport and Conversion Processes in Heterogeneous Environments
10.05.2021 Full Professor for Inorganic Active Materials for Electrochemial Energy Storage
03.05.2021 8x Postdocs (open topic)
03.05.2021 2x Independent Group Leaders
26.04.2021 Full Professor of Systems Engineering for Electrical Energy Storage
26.04.2021 Full Professor of Electronics of Electrical Energy Storage
26.04.2021 Full Professor of Operando Analysis of Electrochemical Energy Storage
26.04.2021 Full Professor of Electrochemistry
25.03.2021 We are hiring! - Engineer
23.03.2021 Meeting of Advisory Board and General Meeting of BayBatt-members
01.12.2020 BMBF Competence Clusters
27.10.2020 #BayBatt - Follow us on Twitter!
27.10.2020 Retreat Seminar 2020
21.10.2020 BayBatt-Interview at Hi Tech Campus - Available Now
08.10.2020 Arbin LBTX 20084 ready for use
10.09.2020 BayBatt retreat seminar
03.08.2020 Assistant Professor
05.06.2020 First board meeting
03.12.2019 Graduate school - PhD positions
03.12.2019 Assistant professor

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