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Bavarian Center for Battery Technology (BayBatt)

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Master Courses

Get to know our battery-specific Master´s degree programmes „Battery Materials and Technology“ and „Batterietechnik“, which are a novelty not only for the University of Bayreuth. 

Both programmes deal with battery technologies, their scientific principles and modern approaches to the further development of energy storage systems, electromobility and power tools. Taught in English or German, the international and interdisciplinary programmes are designed for both international and German students, who are interested in making a success of the energy transition.

„Battery Materials and Technology“ is an English-language degree programme with a natural science orientation. „Batterietechnik“ is taught in German and has a strong engineering background.

Both programmes address the fundamental and applied questions in energy storage and provide qualifications that are currently in very high demand on the labour market.


"The University of Bayreuth has exceeded my expectations in every way. The quality of education, the supportive faculty, and the vibrant international community have made my academic journey truly remarkable."

Padsala Krushik, Battery Materials and Technology, M.Sc.

"I chose the University of Bayreuth because it offers new and interesting degree programmes and you get some good insights into current research. Bayreuth is also a nice college town where there's something going on every weekend, especially in the summer."

Niklas Feistel, Batterietechnik, M.Sc.

Prof. Dr. Matteo Bianchini

"Studying in Bayreuth is a life-changing experience. The campus has a vibrant student life and so much to offer.
With the establishment of the BayBatt, a new wave of study and research possibilities arose. Not to mention the increasing number of international students and faculty members. It truly is a great time to come to Bayreuth."

Prof. Dr. Matteo Bianchini, Programme moderator M.Sc. Battery Materials and Technology

"We want to contribute to the success of the energy transition not only through excellent research, but also through excellent teaching. That is why we are looking forward to excellent applicants who are working with us on the the next generation of batteries."

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Danzer, Director of BayBatt

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