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Polyanionic layer compounds as new cathode materials

Project description:

Mixed-conductive layered materials of the α-NaFeO2 type represent the state of the art in high-performance cathode materials. The layer structure allows, among other things, a high ion mobility with adaptive and flexible (de-)intercalation. By using iron-based, pillared, polyanionic layer compounds, current problems with regard to the availability and / or toxicity of nickel and cobalt as well as the risk of thermal run-away are to be taken into account.

Polyanionische Schichtverbindungen

Project duration: 4 years

Principal investigators:

  • Prof. Dr. Josef Breu, Chair of Inorganic Chemistry I (AC I), Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences
  • Prof. Dr. Petr Nachtigall, Chair of Physical and Macromolecular ChemistryFaculty of Sciences, Charles Universität Prag

PhD student:

  • Sebastian Weiß, M.Sc., Chair of Inorganic Chemistry I (AC I)

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