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Open Position - Full Professor of Intelligent Energy Management


The University of Bayreuth is a research-oriented university with internationally competitive, interdisciplinary focus areas in research and teaching. The Faculty of Engineering Science at the University of Bayreuth is currently seeking to appoint a

Full Professor of Intelligent Energy Management

at salary grade W3 to commence as soon as possible. This is a permanent civil service position.

Application deadline: 4 February 2024

Applicants should represent the field of artificial intelligence for electrical grids and distributed energy systems in research and teaching and already have an excellent record of relevant engineering work. The research focus should cover the subject areas of "Energy Management", "Electrical Grids" and "Distributed Energy Systems".

In addition, in the field of algorithms with the subject areas

  • Machine learning methods: descriptive, predictive and prescriptive learning,
  • AI methods of forecasting, planning and optimization for distributed systems,

and in the area of technical implementation, a further focus is placed on the following topics:

  • Software and hardware concepts for real-time control of distributed energy systems,
  • Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) for smart grids,
  • Dynamic simulation and digital twins of distributed energy systems.

The complete job advertisement and the link to the application portal can be found here.

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